Tamiga&2bad is moving to JDRFM 's Newest station Q!
Posted by JC on 6/18/2024 @ 12:07 AM EDT

Tamiga & 2bad is moving to JDRFM's Q. Their songs will be played there,


Thank you for your understanding. 


President & CEO of JDRFM & Hot JDR

Spa,Haus is blocking all of our emails
Posted by JC on 12/17/2023 @ 7:05 PM EST

As of December 16th, 2023, Spamhaus decided to not help us by removing our new IP address and now blocking all of our emails from JDRFM and Hot JDR! They are a crooked company and they use bots and copy and paste to be lazy for the easiest situations. Adam Marvin is a jerk and very rude to us. What I said about him in an Instagram video is very true a jerk off in Mama's basement on a computer. PLease bare with us we will be switching IP addresses again. Thank you for your understanding. 


President & CEO of JDRFM & Hot JDR

We rock this fucking station!!
Posted by JC on 12/6/2023 @ 11:58 PM EST

We rock it here!! We out do other stations!! We know who we are copied and copied again never successful on what we do!! I love my job. I love who I have met in the time I have spent doing this DJ job. All the artists music I play your songs for thank you!! I sincerely appreciate you. Please feel free to keep sending me your music and refer your friends to us. The only stations that play the hottest damn music on this planet!!




I have added some more nasty songs to the UnR8TED Mix
Posted by JC on 12/6/2023 @ 11:54 PM EST

I have added some more rap nasty songs that are explicit. Please be advised the songs are not for children to listen to!! 



JDRFM & Hot JDR was hacked and it was fixed as of 11-11-2023
Posted by JC on 11/11/2023 @ 10:21 PM EST

Our company emails were hacked. As of 11-11-2023 was fixed and banned all users doing it. We do not tolerate this bullshit at all. The dumbass that did it accessed my accounts. We know exactly who did it and where they are from. We will be updating our emails to different emails. The hack has been shut down. So please do not worry about it. We did not send all those emails originating from our company. We do not have email list nor keep them. It is very sad someone has to do this for attention they wish not to want or need. As of today it is back up and running. 


Thank you,


CEO of JDRFM and Hot JDR

Posted by JC on 7/31/2023 @ 9:02 PM EDT

So, some adults act so perfectly like their assholes don't sweat!! Well, reality check they do!! 

So remember the last mistake you made before getting mad at others for it!! We are all fucking human beings we ALL make mistakes! So fuck off to those who happen to think they do not make mistakes!!




Maintenance until 9 PM EST tonight
Posted by JC on 7/30/2023 @ 7:11 PM EDT

JDRFM Corporate is updating and making some changes to our stations. This will be going on until 9 PM EST tonight our time. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we make things better for our listeners. 


MAINTENANCE Completed on 7/30/2023 8;30 PM EST


CEO of JDRFM and Hot JDR

R.I.P. Tina Turner
Posted by JC on 5/24/2023 @ 10:44 PM EDT

R.I.P. Tina Turner We will always love playing your music for decades to come!!

Just added Mon Ami by Ronna Riva
Posted by JC on 5/5/2023 @ 7:46 PM EDT

Mon Ami by Ronna Riva was added to UnR8TED!! Listen today!!

New Music added on 5/3/2023
Posted by JC on 5/3/2023 @ 9:23 PM EDT

New music was added on 5/3/2023. Lordan x Melisa - Come Back Home was added to UnR8TED!!


I really like the song!!


CEO of JDRFM and Hot JDR



We are a all inclusive company!!
Posted by JC on 4/24/2023 @ 12:29 AM EDT

Hot JDR is an all-inclusive company. If we lose people because we support LGBTQ or Transgender people so be it!! We do not care. Be an adult or move the hell on period!! Thank you,





Just added!!!!!!!!
Posted by JC on 4/22/2023 @ 11:50 PM EDT

Tamiga&2Bad Give Me Love was added on 4/22/2023!!!!!!!!




I have fixed UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 4/15/2023 @ 1:15 AM EDT

I have fixed UnR8TED.




Happy Easter
Posted by JC on 4/9/2023 @ 3:57 PM EDT

Happy Easter from ll of us here at Hot JDR!!

Posted by JC on 4/8/2023 @ 9:39 PM EDT

Hot JDR's UnR8TED will be under maintenance for the next 2 hours for updates!! 

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we improve performance.



UPDATE: 9:48 P.M. EST 



HI-DEF coming back Hot JDR's UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 4/8/2023 @ 9:35 PM EDT

The HI-DEF will return very soon!! Due to changes in our lives, we had to prioritize other things over our stations!!  We will work on the HI-DEF for this station soon. We apologize for this inconvenience this has caused you as it has caused me as well!! 

I appreciate your understanding on this very important matter!!

D.J. JC 

C.E.O. Of JDRFm and Hot JDR

Updates are currently being performed until 4;30 PM EST
Posted by JC on 3/19/2023 @ 3:35 PM EDT

Hot JDR's UnR8TED currently has updates being installed. It will return at 4:30 PM EST. Thank you for your understanding. 




Library update on 3/4/2023
Posted by JC on 3/5/2023 @ 3:03 AM EST

I just updates the library and ir has added a lot more songs from the current to the past '90s and '00s!!



C.E.O. of JDRFM and Hot JDR

Parental Advisory on some songs!!
Posted by JC on 3/5/2023 @ 12:58 AM EST

UnR8TED has some songs that are uncensored!! This means no one under the age of 17 should listen!! 

Not all songs are rated mature and we do play clean family songs also. But as UnR8TED hints the name!!


C.E.O. of JDRFM and Hot JDR

UnR8TED's HI-DEF Now Enabled
Posted by JC on 3/3/2023 @ 11:25 PM EST

UnR8TED's HI-DEF is now enabled!!



C.E.O. Of JDRFM and Hot JDR 

UnR8TED keeps getting better.!!
Posted by JC on 3/3/2023 @ 9:40 PM EST

UnR8TED keeps getting better and better!!

Welcoming the move from JDRFM to Hot JDR's UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 2/27/2023 @ 12:16 AM EST

Mawayy Music has moved to Hot JDR's UnR8TED!! 

Thank you for your understanding on this very important matter!!




2/26/2023 Library updated!!
Posted by JC on 2/26/2023 @ 10:01 PM EST

We have as of today more updates to our library mean newer songs that are current!!

Thank you for staying with us the wait was totally worth it wasn't it??



I am back!! DJ JC!!
Posted by JC on 2/20/2023 @ 10:50 PM EST

After 4 years out and in I have returned even more stronger than before!!

I have been updating Hot JDR's Library and it has been so amazing to do what I do best entertain!!





System updates and rebooting going on now.
Posted by JC on 8/16/2021 @ 7:58 PM EDT

We did some systems updates that are taking effect now. UnR8TED will return shortly. Team Hot JDR

UnR8TED library updates coming today.
Posted by JC on 8/16/2021 @ 7:57 PM EDT

We have some library updates coming to add songs to our library. Team Hot JDR

Windows Media player all versions decommissioned
Posted by JC on 7/9/2021 @ 6:49 PM EDT

Windows Media Player all (versions) decommissioned from our streams. If you get caught using them you will be permanently be banned from our station. No questions asked. If you have questions about this decision please feel free to contact us. We felt Windows Media Player was old and outdated. So we discontinued it use. - DJ JC and Team JDRFM and Team Hot JDR

UnR8TED has added country genre to it library!!
Posted by JC on 7/2/2021 @ 7:31 PM EDT

Hot JDR's UnR8TED has added the country genre to its library. - DJ JC

Posted by JC on 6/30/2021 @ 5:03 PM EDT

We have added more tracks to our library of the '90s. Check it out here at Hot JDR's UnR8TED!!

Posted by JC on 6/25/2021 @ 1:05 PM EDT

If you are looking for Riskay and all her songs that are explicit they have been moved to JC's Faves for the favor of my listeners that may find it offensive. JC's faves will be launched after NRG Dance X. - DJ JC

Posted by JC on 6/24/2021 @ 6:18 AM EDT

Hot JDR is going to make another exciting change. We are going to Ultimate exciting news!! Some of our songs will go ultimate HD for our loyal listeners. This means better quality even at lower bit rates. This should take a few days to complete. - DJ JC and Team JDRFM

Outage fixed For UnR8TED Station.
Posted by JC on 6/23/2021 @ 12:46 AM EDT

There was an outage we were unaware of. It has now been resolved and all streams are now working. - DJ JC and Team Hot JDR

Welcoming Kelsie Kimberlin Hot Hot JDR's UnR8TED.
Posted by JC on 6/23/2021 @ 12:28 AM EDT

Let's welcome Kelsie Kimberlin. I am going to post what the song is about. It is about coming together and putting our differences aside. We all need to do it. We keep tearing each other down. Stop the hate. The racism and all the bigotry. What is the gain or what is it worth to you? - DJ JC


Kelsie Kimberlin, who has stepped into the music world with an
accelerating success, is going to release a new single Bring Together.
‘Bring Together’ is the fifth release of Kelsie since June 2020. Her
previous releases, ‘Lobotomy,’ ‘American Guns’, ‘Dancing Hearts’ and
‘Hazy Day’ have received not only critical acclaim but millions of views on
YouTube, SoundCloud and other platforms.
Kelsie states that “There is so much more that binds us all together than
breaks us apart, and that is why I wrote Bring Together. It is time that we
all overcome our differences so we can all live happier lives with brighter
futures. I wanted to release this song now in the hope that it might play a



Hard rock music being discontinued from play.
Posted by JC on 6/18/2021 @ 8:16 PM EDT

We have made the decision to remove all hard rock from our station. We feel we are more pop and various genres that feel more comfortable to us. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our listeners. - DJ JC

Hot JDR's UnR8TED will be offline please read.
Posted by JC on 5/22/2021 @ 7:32 PM EDT

Hot JDR's UnR8TED will be offline until we change another failing hard drive in our server. Hopefully, this will be the last one. At this time it is slowing our server down to a crawl and we need t move our data. JDRFM's and Hot JDR's data is safe as this failing hard drive doesn't affect our streams.  It should be done in a few hours. Team Hot JDR - DJ JC

Posted by JC on 2/23/2021 @ 6:14 PM EST



Posted by JC on 2/23/2021 @ 5:53 PM EST

Welcome, Black Domino Feat. Shawn Clover 

with his track Fall In Love (Radio Edit) to UnR8TED.


Christmas Music until December 26.
Posted by JC on 12/13/2020 @ 3:23 AM EST

Hot JDR will be playing Christmas Music until December 26 at 2 PM EST. 

Christmas Music will be played on UnR8TED.

Posted by JC on 12/8/2020 @ 10:06 PM EST

Hot JDR had an issue after an update. We are correcting that now. Team Hot JDR

Posted by JC on 12/6/2020 @ 5:42 PM EST

Andie J Raspberry her second single
has been added to Hot JDR's UnR8TED.

Posted by JC on 12/6/2020 @ 5:38 PM EST


Renegade Angel - Journey Into MadnessHas been added to Hot JDR's UnR8TED. Tell us what you think while we trial them on our station.

Biden will heal this country
Posted by JC on 11/7/2020 @ 12:38 PM EST

With president-elect Joe Biden being the winner. It is time to heal. it is time to put political parties behind us.

It is time to quit all the anger. It is time to quit fighting. We need to unite. Forgive and forget. 

Posted by JC on 10/20/2020 @ 11:55 PM EDT

All streams will be offline until we change out or internet modem that went bad. This should only take about an hour. Team Hot JDR

Quantum Dance Hitz coming to Hot JDR!!
Posted by JC on 9/14/2020 @ 3:16 PM EDT

We are launching Quantum Dance Hitz (QDH) very soon. We will be making this a dance only station for Hot JDR. The launch should be a few months after The first of October. Team Hot JDR

System upgrades completed
Posted by JC on 9/14/2020 @ 5:10 AM EDT

The system upgrades for Hot JDR's UnR8TED have been completed. We want to thank you for your patience. 

Team Hot JDR

Ad free experience
Posted by JC on 9/6/2020 @ 2:38 PM EDT

If you looking for a radio station with an ad-free experience you came to the right place!! Hot JDR does not play ads on our stations. We believe in the quality of music. We believe in our listener's listening experience.

Health Issues
Posted by JC on 9/6/2020 @ 2:37 PM EDT

DJ JC has been and currently is dealing with several serious health issues. He has been doing his best to keep up with messages/updates which is currently very challenging. In short, it will likely be taking him longer than usual to respond to messages and updates to streams may become infrequent at times and we would like to thank you in advance for your understanding.

Team JDR

Posted by JC on 7/19/2020 @ 3:48 AM EDT

UnR8TED is offline during our short maintenance period.

Posted by JC on 7/1/2020 @ 12:08 PM EDT

There has been ongoing outage with Hot JDR's UnR8TED. We are working to resolve this issue as soon as possible. Team Hot JDR

Posted by JC on 6/2/2020 @ 10:39 AM EDT



Let's welcome The Suicide Notes band to UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 5/13/2020 @ 12:39 AM EDT

Let's welcome The Suicide Notes to Hot JDR's UnR8TED!!

Let's welcome Total Recall band to UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 5/13/2020 @ 12:37 AM EDT

Let's welcome Total Recall band to Hot JDR's UnR8TED!!

New artists added
Posted by JC on 5/12/2020 @ 11:46 PM EDT

Let give a welcome to  Diamonds and Guns with their single "San Francisco"!!

You can now listen to it on our station on UnR8TED on Hot JDR's famous UNR8TED station!! 

UnR8TED means unrated.
Posted by JC on 4/19/2020 @ 7:39 PM EDT

Hot JDR's UnR8TED means and is in the name unrated versions of songs that some listeners may find unsuitable. This is why it is called UnR8TED. We put the name because we do not edit songs or bleep cussing in songs at all. Thank you for your understanding. Team Hot JDR

Twitter Information for Hot JDR updated
Posted by JC on 4/17/2020 @ 7:47 AM EDT

We apologize for our Twitter information being outdated after we changed it. It is now updated. Team Hot JDR

Welcoming Guantanamo Bae Happy Sadness to UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 4/11/2020 @ 12:56 AM EDT

We want to give a warm welcome to Guantanamo Bae  Happy Sadness to UnR8TED.

New artists added to UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 3/29/2020 @ 10:04 PM EDT

Welcome Hina with Leave Me to UnR8TED.

Maintenance will be completed at 7 PM EST.
Posted by JC on 3/13/2020 @ 6:28 PM EDT

The maintenance period will be completed at 7 PM EST. Team Hot JDR

Posted by JC on 3/4/2020 @ 9:21 AM EST

Hear Lady Gaga new song (Lady Gaga - Stupid Love) Now on UnR8TED!! 

New music only on UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 2/24/2020 @ 8:59 AM EST

We are updating our library. New music on it's ways to you very soon.

Welcoming Martial Simon
Posted by JC on 1/24/2020 @ 7:24 PM EST

Welcoming, Martial Simon with his track 

Martial Simon - Kryptonite (I'm On It) [ft. Smooth City] Listen today on UnR8TED!! 

Welcoming Max M to UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 1/15/2020 @ 11:43 PM EST

We want to give a warm welcome to Max M with the song Under Water. it will be played on UnR8TED. Thank you for choosing us to play your music. Team Hot JDR

Hot JDR's UnR8TED to return tomorrow afternoon
Posted by JC on 1/7/2020 @ 1:31 AM EST

UnR8TED is scheduled to return tomorrow afternoon. No time is set at this point. Team Hot JDR

All streams offline
Posted by Rick on 1/5/2020 @ 5:33 PM EST

Due to circumstances beyond our control we are currently relocating our streaming servers. All streams will be offline for 24-48 hours. We regret any incognizance this may cause.


Listen to these awesome artists on UnR8TED today!!
Posted by JC on 12/21/2019 @ 12:50 AM EST

These artists have been added to our music library as of 12/21/2019. The list is below.

Urbano, Worth The Price

Rayne and Jaki Nelson High Wasted

Urbano, Standing Ovation

Team Hot JDR

Royse new single Madness
Posted by JC on 12/9/2019 @ 5:08 PM EST

Listen to Royse new single Madness on UnR8TED today!!

Network maintenance Tuesday morning
Posted by JC on 11/29/2019 @ 10:53 PM EST

We will be performing network maintenance on Tuesday Morning. Streams will be down. This should only take a few hours at most. Team JDRFM

Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by Rick on 11/29/2019 @ 12:59 AM EST

A little late but better late than never. Happy Thanksgiving to the HOT JDR Family.

Looking for club music??
Posted by JC on 11/27/2019 @ 11:30 PM EST

If you are looking for club music please visit jdrfm.net. JDRFM is the parent company of Hot JDR. JDRFM just plays all club music all the time. Team Hot JDR

Radio X is not UnR8TED
Posted by JC on 11/17/2019 @ 11:00 PM EST

Hot JDR has changed the name of Radio X to UnR8TED. Please make sure you update the change to reflect the name chnage. If you have any questions about this change please feel free to contact us. Team HOT JDR

Radio X offline until further notice
Posted by Rick on 10/16/2019 @ 5:25 AM EDT

Radio X is going to be offline until we can overhaul it and build it up to our high standards. We currently have no ETA but we will update here as soon as we have some idea of when it will be returning.


The return of Hot Beatz Radio!!
Posted by JC on 10/14/2019 @ 1:14 AM EDT

Hot Beatz Radio or AKA HBR is returning to Hot JDR!! We are excited to bring this station back with all new music. Team Hot JDR

Buffering time lowered
Posted by JC on 10/11/2019 @ 9:29 PM EDT

The time it takes to connect to our streams known as buffering has been lowered. It should now connect faster than before. Team JDRFM

We listened
Posted by JC on 10/11/2019 @ 7:54 PM EDT

We heard our listeners. We are going to make Radio X more of what you want to listen too.  Thanks for your input and time to take to make us better. Team Hot JDR

Beta testing of new station for Hot JDR
Posted by JC on 10/6/2019 @ 12:40 AM EDT

We have for the past month been beta testing a new station. It has went very well. We will put the station together and put it online for all of our listeners to hear very soon. Team Hot JDR

Hot JDR streams offline for security updates
Posted by JC on 9/25/2019 @ 1:45 AM EDT

Hot JDR's Radio X will resume after security updates are applied.  Thanks for your understanding on this matter. Team Hot JDR

New beta station launch
Posted by JC on 9/19/2019 @ 1:58 AM EDT

We are beta testing a new station called Radio Hits. This is not going to be the final name of the station.

We will have the first beta out in a few days. Team Hot JDR

Outage reported for Radio X
Posted by JC on 8/26/2019 @ 11:06 PM EDT

We are working on the outage now. This will take some time to get back to normal. My best team is working as we speak. Team Hot JDR

Radio X offline until further notice
Posted by Rick on 8/15/2019 @ 3:29 PM EDT

Due to an emergency and other personal/health issues, we are temporally shutting down Radio X until we can have time to fix the issues it has. It will be back in the future but currently we do not have a date that it will return.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and hope you will continue listening to NRG Dance on JDRFM until we can get Radio X back online.


The new Radio X is all about dance!!
Posted by JC on 8/6/2019 @ 5:05 PM EDT

The new Radio X is all about dance. This is all we play here. If you want to submit your music to us please send us an email.  Team Hot JDR

Radio X will resume
Posted by JC on 8/2/2019 @ 1:34 PM EDT

Radio X is uploading new files. We will get it done today and get it back online. Team Hot JDR

Posted by JC on 8/1/2019 @ 10:23 PM EDT

All of JDRFM and Hot JDR stations are free of ads. Please whitelist us in your ad blockers to display content from us. Thanks Team JDRFM and Team Hot JDR

The New Radio X is now launching tonight!
Posted by JC on 8/1/2019 @ 10:19 PM EDT

The new Radio X is launching tonight! We will still work on adding more and more music to it. 

New artists have been added already. Check them out! Hot JDR it get so hot it might even set your ass on fire!! 

New artists to Radio X
Posted by JC on 8/1/2019 @ 10:18 PM EDT

Welcome these new artists to Hot JDR's Radio X. 

1AVA - Divided Love




Scheduled maintenance
Posted by JC on 8/1/2019 @ 9:52 PM EDT

Hot JDR streams are currently undergoing scheduled maintenanace for updates. All Hot JDR streams will return after maintenance is completed. Team Hot JDR

Radio Hits coming to Hot JDR soon
Posted by JC on 7/28/2019 @ 4:30 PM EDT

We will be moving original radio hots to the new station called Radio Hit's very soon.  Please stay tuned for updates. Team Hot JDR

Radio X is going to be Club Music.
Posted by JC on 7/19/2019 @ 5:54 PM EDT

We are doing away with the multi genre Radio X library and redoing it to Club Music only.

This decision was made a few weeks back. In the coming weeks Radio X will change.  We know you will love it! Team Hot JDR

Hot Beatz Radio is now Radio X
Posted by JC on 7/6/2019 @ 9:22 PM EDT

Hot Beatz Radio is now Radio X. Please make any changes you need to make in your players that you use.

Team Hot JDR

Radio X officially launched
Posted by JC on 7/4/2019 @ 2:46 AM EDT

Radio X has officiallly launched. The streams are online and now offers Hi-Def.

Radio X in test mode.
Posted by JC on 6/28/2019 @ 3:43 PM EDT

We are testing Radio X before we launch it. We want it to be perfect when we do. The test will last about 4 hours. The we will slowly bring the stream online for public listening. Team Hot JDR

Outage on Hot Beatz Radio. (Fixed)
Posted by JC on 6/15/2019 @ 11:35 PM EDT

There is an outage current being worked on as we speak. We are correcting the skipping. Thanks for your understanding on this matter. Team Hot JDR

Pride Month on HOT JDR!!
Posted by JC on 6/6/2019 @ 3:09 AM EDT

HOT JDR  is celebrating LGBTQ+ with Pride Month on HOT JDR. 

This is a time for LGBTQ community to be proud of who they are and not hide who they are.

Daughter Of The East New single Silence
Posted by JC on 6/3/2019 @ 10:21 PM EDT

We just added Daughter Of The East new single Silence.

Listen to it on Hot Beatz Radio today!!

Rap music being discontinued from Hot Beatz Radio
Posted by JC on 5/24/2019 @ 11:16 PM EDT

We have for the past few days been reviewing our options to reform Hot Beatz Radio. The listening view is way down and out previous listeners are gone. We have made the tough decision to remove all rap music from our station. This is due to the reform of the station. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you. Team Hot Beatz Radio

Streams not auto playing in Firefox
Posted by Rick on 5/13/2019 @ 12:20 AM EDT

Due to changes to Firefox browser streams will not automatically begriming playing unless you allow autoplay for the site. To do that click the link of of the streams you want to listen to and then go to the address bar and click the icons that appear before the url, look to the bottom and under permissions and change the auto play sound setting to allow.

Alternatively, you may also just click stop and then start if you would rather not enable autoplay. Changes to the player are forthcoming and will hopefully be in place soon which will do away with the auto play altogether.

Thanks for your understanding,

Rick C.

Not connecting with Firefox issue
Posted by JC on 5/12/2019 @ 11:53 PM EDT

There seems to be an issue with Firefox browser that is not allowing the conection to our server. We are working on this matter. We hope to have it fixed soon.

Welcoming Troy Tipton
Posted by JC on 4/29/2019 @ 2:25 AM EDT

Welcoming Troy Tipton to Hot JDR's Hot Beatz Radio with Never.

Hot JDR welcomes Jaki nelson
Posted by JC on 4/20/2019 @ 5:37 PM EDT

Hot JDR welcomes Jaki Nelsom with High Wasted to Hot Beatz Radio!! Listen today!

Welcoming Joe Moth to Hot Beatz Radio
Posted by JC on 4/18/2019 @ 4:46 PM EDT

Hot JDR  welcomes Joe Moth  With ONLY YOUR LOVE to Hot Beatz Radio.

Monthly maintenance
Posted by JC on 3/24/2019 @ 2:03 AM EDT

HOT JDR will be doing monthly maintenance every month on the 24th between 8 PM EST to  12 AM EST. there will be periods of time that streams may cut off and be down for updates and fixes to the server. Team HOT JDR

Periodic outages
Posted by Rick on 3/18/2019 @ 11:09 PM EDT

We have been experiencing periodic outages due to our internet provider. We are aware of this issue and are (trying) to work with our ISP to rectify the issue. We apologize for this and ask that you bare with us as there is currently no ETA on repair time.

Thanks for your understanding


Welcoming Daughter Of the East!
Posted by JC on 2/17/2019 @ 7:51 PM EST

We want to give a warm welcome to Daughter Of The East to Radio X.


Outage for Hot Beatz Radio Resolved
Posted by JC on 2/11/2019 @ 8:07 PM EST

We just found out there was an outage for Hot Beatz Radio. We have resolved it. If you find these outages please report them to us ASAP. DJ JC and Team Hot JDR

Update on ending listing streams on SHOUTcast directory
Posted by Rick on 12/30/2018 @ 1:40 AM EST

Due to a health issue we were unable to complete the transition to icecast on Friday, December 28. An interim date has been set to Wednesday, January 2, 2019. I will update when further information is available.

Thanks for your patience,


We read it from other stations
Posted by JC on 12/27/2018 @ 1:01 AM EST

They claim they are the best. But they forget the best is also in the past music. But hey they can say what ever they want and they will but we prove it. We add music everyday even talk to real song writers. We do what best for our listeners. No ads in the website is a major plus. We believe in honesty not what we can lie and to get a listeners. Some people may not like us and thats ok. Thats is their loss. We focus on current and new listenres. Team HOT JDR

End of SHOUTcast listings a little sooner than expected
Posted by Rick on 12/25/2018 @ 12:30 AM EST

We have decided to end listing our streams on SHOUTcast as soon as Friday, December 28, 2018. We understand that many of our listeners use one of the many apps available to access the listings on SHOUTcast directory and tune into our streams but unfortunately, SHOUTcast has gotten on some kind of weird bullshit recently and thinks that we should have to pay to use our servers which we pay for and reduce the quality of our streams in order to list our streams on their directory the way we have since 2006.

Beginning Saturday, December, 29, 2018 all of our streams can be found @ http://dir.xiph.org/ under the same names as they are currently listed as on SHOUTcast.

Our streams can also still be on all of the other various directories which they are listed and none of the stream URL's will change and in fact, the only change which will be noticeable will be the removal of our listings on SHOUTcast.

So to recap, Beginning on Friday, December 28, 2018 we will begin the transition and remove all streams listings from the SHOUTcast directory and beginning on Saturday, December 29, 2018 our streams can be found on http://dir.xiph.org/ under the same names.

Will update as soon as I have some idea of exactly when and how long downtime will be but as of right now it will begin sometime Friday and possibly last into the early morning hours Saturday.

Thanks for your understanding and for listening to HOTJDR.


Hosting Provider Maintenance
Posted by Rick on 11/29/2018 @ 11:42 PM EST

Our hosting provider has informed us that they will be performing maintenance on their network between 10:00 PM Thursday, December 6 and 4:00 AM Friday, December 7. The impact should be low and may not even be noticeable and should only last for a few minutes. 

Expected impact:

Possible stream buffering lasting for a few minutes.


Hot Beatz Radio is offline during an upgrade.
Posted by JC on 11/26/2018 @ 10:54 PM EST

Hot Beatz Radio is offline during an upgrade. Will return shortly. Thanks for your understanding and patience.

Team Hot JDR

Emergency Maintenance
Posted by Rick on 11/26/2018 @ 6:35 PM EST

An issue at our broadcast location required us to perform immediate maintenance on our servers. All streams should be back up within the next 20 minutes. We apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused.


Happy Thanksgiving
Posted by Rick on 11/22/2018 @ 9:04 PM EST

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at HOTJDR.

The best station for great music.
Posted by JC on 11/11/2018 @ 3:34 AM EST

Hot Beatz Radio is the best place for all types of music including classics people miss the most.

Tune in today and listen for your self and decide.  Team Hot JDR

Today is DJJC's Birthday
Posted by Rick on 11/8/2018 @ 2:59 AM EST

Join me in wishing him a very happy birthday.

Happy Halloween to all HOT JDR listeners!!
Posted by JC on 10/31/2018 @ 3:24 PM EDT
To connect to our stream please read below.
Posted by JC on 9/25/2018 @ 9:06 PM EDT

To connect to our stream please follow these directions:

1.Click the 320 KBps in the green to the right.

2.Make sure the audio is not muted.


Welcoming Ricky Rebel to HBR
Posted by JC on 9/25/2018 @ 2:50 PM EDT

We want to Welcome the pop artists Ricky Rebel to HBR! We want to give him a big thanks for choosing Hot JDR's Hot beatz Radio! 

Welcoming Crashing Cairo to HOT JDR!
Posted by JC on 9/23/2018 @ 11:21 PM EDT

Hot JDR wants to welcome Crashing Cairo to Hot Beatz Radio! We want to thank you for choosing us to play your music. from all of here at Hot JDR and Hot Beatz Radio. Team Hot JDR.

Finally, HOTJDR has a Website
Posted by Rick on 9/23/2018 @ 10:29 PM EDT

Welcome to HOTJDR.net!

HOTJDR finally has a website, certainly has been a long time coming. There are a few issues and most of those will be worked out over the next few days. Some however will not be worked out as they are only solvable with a new website (we just borrowed this one from JDRFM and got to borrow all the problems too!) which will come in time but for now we''ll just have to deal with it.

In the meantime, enjoy the worlds HOTTEST music!